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Therapeutic and Relaxation Massage

Achieve holistic well-being with massages for both therapeutic purposes and relaxation.

Achieve Relaxation & Good Health with Tecumseh Massage Therapy Clinic

Are you suffering from a sports sprain or perhaps an injury from an accident? Or maybe you’d like a massage for the purpose of simple relaxation and stress-relief. Since 1995, the Tecumseh Massage Therapy Clinic has provided for the Windsor area massages for both therapeutic and relaxation purposes.

Relaxed, Pleasant Atmosphere

Located on the outskirts of Windsor, Tecumseh Massage Therapy Clinic is locally owned and operated. With 7 treatment rooms and 13 registered massage therapists on staff, we’re the area's largest massage therapy clinic. We provide professional relaxed surroundings, wheelchair access and plenty of free parking. Choose a male or female therapist – whatever makes you comfortable.

Swedish Massage

Here at Tecumseh Massage Therapy Clinic, we use Swedish massage techniques to relax and heal your circulatory, muscular, respiratory, lymphatic and nervous systems. Perfect for athletes, infants, young children and even pregnant women; our massage therapy effectively treats:

Low back & neck pain

Stiff & sore shoulders


Strains/sprains/muscle spasms

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Whiplash & other car accident injuries



Thoracic outlet syndrome



Tennis & golfer's elbow

Swelling & inflammation

TMJ dysfunction


Scars & scar tissue

Frozen shoulder

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To schedule an appointment with Tecumseh Massage Therapy Clinic, please give us a call. And remember – a massage makes an excellent gift idea!

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Swedish Massage

We use specialized techniques to relax and heal your body’s active systems.


We offer a wide range of rates for our massage therapy services for all budgets.

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